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Rose’s Approach

A Bit About Me

Realtor® Rose Marie Novak with first time home buyers

Starting off at Texas Tech Health Science Center, I never thought I would end up a happy Realtor. My ultimate career goal was to help people in any way that I could. I received a doctorate of pharmacy and moved to Dallas. There I worked as a pharmacist. I loved working with customers, but something was missing.

Then, I bought my first home.

My experience was nothing short of fantastic. The unpredictability of life as a Realtor fascinated me. I decided to try my hand at real estate and it’s safe to say that I’ve found my calling! There is nothing more gratifying than helping people find the home of their dreams.

My Approach

My personality is never far from the surface. I’m proud of the work I do and treat all of my buyers and sellers with respect and kindness. Buying a home can be a confusing process; loans can be hard to get and real estate terminology can be overwhelming. I’m here to help with all of that and then some!

I do my best to get to know every buyer, their lifestyle, and home needs. Every home recommendation I make is tailor-made for you. I aggressively search for homes in your target area and present you with homes I think you will love.

For my sellers, I am equally as zealous. I list your homes on my site, my broker’s site, and all over the web (including social media) to grab the attention of all online buyers. I also specifically target buyers in your area with direct mail.

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