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Marketing Your Home

While aggressive isn’t usually one of the words used to describe my personality, it’s the only word to describe my marketing techniques. I utilize three separate sources in order to get your home the most exposure possible:

My Broker
I work with CMT Realty. This allows me to showcase your listing on my site AND theirs! I use the most advanced technology and statistical information to point me in the right direction.

I take real estate into the 21st century! We have so much technology at our fingertips; I know how to harness the opportunities at hand and turn them into results for you.

Because I am a certified Realtor I will be able to host your listings on nationally accredited sites such as:, Trulia, and Zillow. This allows for people all over the country to have access to your listings. I will also feature your listings in the MLS (multiple listings system). This means they will appear on my site, my broker’s site, and any other real estate site tapping into the DFW MLS.

I’m no stranger to social media, either. I will post links on my twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to allow for maximum exposure for your listing.

Old School

By my very nature, I’m a people person. My most promising and aggressive marketing tactics occur off the web. I do my best to know my buyers well, so when a listing comes on the market I can match it up with a buyer I already know. I send out post-cards, pictures, and information—anything I think will spark a buyer’s interest and get them looking at a home that’s right for them.

Rose Marie and Her Broker from CMT Realty

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