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Good News for San Antonio Real Estate October 21, 5:46 pm

Texas is really on the map this year when it comes to real estate! As this awesome infographic from Daily Infographic predicted, the San Antonio real estate market has done so well this year! Check out the information below to learn a little something about Texas real estate. Interested in buying or selling a home? Contact me and learn a little bit about my strategy when it comes to buying and selling homes.

Infographic about the real estate market in 2013

source: The Daily Infographic




Rose Marie

Sweet Home San Antonio May 8, 5:50 pm

There’s nowhere quite like San Antonio. I’ve lived in a few big cities throughout my life and San Antonio bring something new to the table. Having just moved from the Dallas/ Fortworth area, I thought I knew Texas like the back of my hand…. How wrong I was!

San Antonio is on a level all its own. The hospitality and sense of community I feel here is unrivaled! As you may have read in my previous post, San Antonio’s real estate market is on an up swing! Even in light of its exciting growth, the people in San Antonio still give this big city a homey feel. It’s a pleasure meeting new San Antonio residents– each with their own culture and lifestyle; it’s safe to say that I’ve learned something new every day since being here.

Now that I’ve done all of the awesome tourist-y things, I’ve had time to hunker down and explore the city. I fall more and more in love with each step. The fiestas always put a smile on my face. There are plenty of museums and beautiful art all around the city on a daily basis. I even got a chance to go on the famous Riverwalk. (If you get a chance, do it! It lives up to the hype!)

All-in-all I feel like a very lucky realtor for being in a city as beautiful as San Antonio. The people, the food, and the culture is bar none! So, come visit sometime and  let me know when you’re in town! I know it will prove hard to leave.


Rose Marie

San Antonio Neighborhoods April 24, 7:25 pm

San Antonio has an incredible amount of very diverse neighborhoods. Ask any local and I’m sure they can tell you their favorite spot in the neighborhoods surrounding theirs. While every one has their own take on the different places throughout the city, few really look into the real estate side of things. That’s where I come in. I can find you a home in the San Antonio area, in a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle like a glove.

Are you outdoorsy? A property down by the water might be perfect for you. Step outside onto the warm sand, or sunbath from your back porch. Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Check out our farms and ranches or take a gander at our golf course community properties.

Do you live for the night life? I bet dollars to dimes that you would love a home in Downtown San Antonio. Also bustling with people, once the sun goes down, this part of San Antonio really comes alive. Tourists and locals alike flock to the night clubs, comedy clubs, bars, stores, and amazing restaurants. Living just outside of the Downtown metropolitan area allows for a short commute if you’re working in the city.

Looking to raise a family? The Northeast Side of San Antonio is best known for its docile suburban setting. In close proximity to everything your family could need. Honestly! Downtown San Antonio is just a hop, skip, and jump aways, Six Flags is nearby, and it contains four different schol distracts lending its residents many educational options. Check out these one-family homes in the area.

Want to buy your first home? I highly recommend the West/Northwest Side. An up-and-coming part of town where both industry and the population is on the rise. For a metropolitan area, real estate prices are still very reasonable and being in a great location such as this can only help with price retention. Browse some of the residential properties in the area here.

Is luxury your top priority? Uptown is the place for you! This neighborhood is notorious for its gorgeous homes. Not only is the real estate breathtaking, but the community as a whole is wonderful. Where people from all walks of life mix and mingle, this part of San Antonio has seen its fair share of celebrity inhabitants. Browse some of the current listings in Uptown, New Braunfels, and La Vernia.

How about some peace and quiet? Check out these homes with acreage to spare. This means no noisy neighbors. Isn’t San Antonio amazing? All of that land so close to a major city. Outlying towns such as TOWN NAMES OVER HERE provide just enough escape from the city life, while allowing you to visit whenever you’d like.

Around here, there’s a neighborhood for everyone. Not sure which part of town suits you? Drop me a line and we’ll figure it out together!


Rose Marie

Thank You For Your Service April 10, 7:19 pm

San Antonio. A city with over 1.3M people and a veteran population hovering around 11%. At Rose Marie Realty we understand the needs of the San Antonio population and love working with veterans. We specialize in a program provided by the US Government called: VA Loan.

I work with this loan provider to find veterans the lowest rates on mortgages. Typically, buyers have to have a minimum of 10-20% of their homes cost upfront. With the VA loan that percentage is much lower (sometimes as low as 0%) and monthly payments tend to be less expensive.

The VA Loan also caters to vets with no credit history. Because the loans are government accredited, it is easier to qualify at a more competitive rate.

If you’re a veteran or active service member interesed in learning more about the VA Loan, contact me! I can help get you on the road to pre-qualification.


Click on the seal to learn more about my programs for veterans.


Rose Marie

A Snapshot of Real Estate in San Antonio March 27, 3:40 pm

Real estate is a tricky thing. Over the past 5 or so years, the market has bounced around quite a bit. First it’s a seller’s market, then it’s a buyer’s market, then it’s neither! Since 2011, San Antonio has been making a comeback in the real estate world. According to SABOR, as of January of 2013 we were listed in the top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in America! We’re ranked 11th nation-wide for job growth and come in as the 13th best city in American to start a business or career. If you’ve been thinking about relocating to San Antonio, there’s no better time than the present.

The average price of a sale in the first month of 2013 was $183,846, a 24% increase from the same time last year! Similar trends ar emerging for the rest of 2013. Below is a snapshot of what the marketplace looks like right now from

San Antonio Market

And here you can check out data from sold homes during the past year. As you can see, March is experiencing an upward trend in real estate value. This is great for sellers and those looking to stay in the area; your property is becoming more valuable with time.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.58.00 AM

You don’t have to be a certified Realtor® to know that this means great things for San Antonio. Our real estate market is thriving, jobs are being created at a rapid pace, and our communities are happier than ever. If you’re interested in buying or selling a home in the San Antonio area, give me a call. I’d love to chat with you.

Click here to start searching for homes in the San Antonio Area.


Rose Marie

Rose Colored Glasses March 11, 5:20 pm

Hi, that’s me, Rose Marie Novak!

The real estate industry has its twists and turn, up and downs, highs and lows– however you’d like to phrase it, being a Realtor is anunpredictable thing. That’s why I love it. There isn’t a day I go into the office and know exactly what’s to come. I live for the fast pace of the industry and seeing my clients happy. I believe good ol’ fashioned customer service and hard work coupled with the latest technology is the best way to approach today’s rapidly expanding San Antonio, DFW market.

I didn’t come straight out of grad school and know I wanted to be a Realtor® (I bet you can’t guess what I have my PhD in– click here to find out), but once I bought my first home, I knew this was my calling. I would love to help anyone buy or sell their home, I even have a few speciality areas:

  •  First Timers: Is this your first time buying a home? Since 2006 I’ve been helping guide first timers through the wood-work. I can help with everything from pre-qualifying for a loan to sealing the deal. I’ll be there from day one until the movers show up!
  • New Construction: I started off in the construction industry and couldn’t pull myself from it! I know what it takes to build a brand new home, let me help you.
  • Veterans: I’m a firm believer in helping those who have helped their country. Not only will I help veterans and their families find their dream home, I can help with financing. I specialize in a loan programs specifically for veterans called VA loan. If you’re interested in knowing more, visit my site or contact me anytime!

I fell in love with the San Antonio area the first moment I arrived. Whether you’re relocating from another part of the country, or just looking to find a home closer to daycare and school, I’m here to help! Buying or selling on your own is a tricky process, it can be so overwhelming; let someone who knows the area, the market, and the industry lend a hand. I love getting to know my clients, their needs, and their lifestyle so I can help find the best home San Antonio has to offer.

Browse some local listings; I have a little bit of everything– from farms and ranches, to luxury homes in the city. Drop me a line anytime, day or night, I’d love to chat with you!


Rose Marie

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