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Sweet Home San Antonio May 8, 5:50 pm

There’s nowhere quite like San Antonio. I’ve lived in a few big cities throughout my life and San Antonio bring something new to the table. Having just moved from the Dallas/ Fortworth area, I thought I knew Texas like the back of my hand…. How wrong I was!

San Antonio is on a level all its own. The hospitality and sense of community I feel here is unrivaled! As you may have read in my previous post, San Antonio’s real estate market is on an up swing! Even in light of its exciting growth, the people in San Antonio still give this big city a homey feel. It’s a pleasure meeting new San Antonio residents– each with their own culture and lifestyle; it’s safe to say that I’ve learned something new every day since being here.

Now that I’ve done all of the awesome tourist-y things, I’ve had time to hunker down and explore the city. I fall more and more in love with each step. The fiestas always put a smile on my face. There are plenty of museums and beautiful art all around the city on a daily basis. I even got a chance to go on the famous Riverwalk. (If you get a chance, do it! It lives up to the hype!)

All-in-all I feel like a very lucky realtor for being in a city as beautiful as San Antonio. The people, the food, and the culture is bar none! So, come visit sometime and  let me know when you’re in town! I know it will prove hard to leave.

Rose Marie

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